Unfurling, collaboration with Russell Anderson Timari Street, Pacific Paradise, Sunshine Coast, Australia Weathering steel, stainless steel, led lights, sensors and sandblasted concrete. Unfurling: the coil of a snake, the curl of a fern frond, a sundew flower about to unwind its honey trap. The Pouched Coral Fern (Gleichenia dicarpa) dips its feet…

Banksia Wedding Rings

Banksia Wedding Rings, 14ct white gold. Created by rapid manufacturing.  Depicting the mature and juvenile leaves of Banksia integrefolia      

Glass Brooches

2011 Sterling silver, glass (pate de verre), stainless steel

Hakea Brooch

2010 Recycled sterling silver (etched), 22k gold, stainless steel  

Leptospermum Bracelet

Collaboration with Shannon Garson (Shannon hand etched the blossoms) 2011 Recycled sterling silver, nylon  

Scratchy Brooch

2010 Sterling silver, glass (pate de verre), stainless steel  

Wallum Sticks and Stones Choker

2010 Recycled sterling silver, beach pebbles, nylon  

Wallum Casemoths Necklace

2010 Recycled sterling silver (etched), nylon

Wallum Windows Brooches

(Bottom left and top right collaboration with Shannon Garson) 2010 Sterling silver, copper and brass (etched), stainless steel.  

Juicy Brooch

2010 Glass (pate de verre), recycled sterling silver (oxidised), stainless steel.