Pebbles in a Pebble

2007 Sterling silver, beach pebbles (Orepuki), stainless steel Pebbles in a Pebble – 3 ways Imagine the journey a small pebble has made to finally rest in your palm. Formed under heat and pressure millions of years ago, breaking apart from a larger rock and rolling down the mountainside into a stream,…

Leptospermum Earrings

2010 Recycled sterling silver (cuttlefish cast), 18k gold, beach pebbles    

Wallum Sticks and Stones Choker

2010 Recycled sterling silver, beach pebbles, nylon  

Banksia Earrings

2010 Recycled Sterling silver, beach pebbles    

A Fork in the Path

2010 Recycled sterling silver (etched), beach pebbles, waxed nylon. This work refers to an indigenous type of mapping, a “navigation by the flowers” whereby the plants of the fragile, prickly and elusive Wallum and their seasonal changes may help to reveal a seldom used pathway described in stories handed down over 1000s…

Leptospermum Impressions Necklace

2010 Recycled sterling silver, beach pebbles, nylon

Slingshot Necklace

2011 Recycled sterling silver (cuttlefish cast, beach pebble)

Sticks and Stones Necklace

2013 Sterling silver, beach pebbles, nylon