FireStix Cufflinks

2013 Tallowood sticks, recycled sterling silver (cuttlefish cast)

Began Making Wine

2011 Photo: Rod Buchholz Sterling silver, shibuichi, paint. This piece was created for “Tinker Tailor Soldier Sailor: 100 Women, 100 Brooches” and Artisan touring exhibition. It celebrated the life of Mary Penfold, founder of Penfolds Wines. Artist Statement: I was interested in the initial motivation behind Mary’s foray into winemaking which was…

Hakea Brooch

2010 Recycled sterling silver (etched), 22k gold, stainless steel  

Leptospermum Bracelet

Collaboration with Shannon Garson (Shannon hand etched the blossoms) 2011 Recycled sterling silver, nylon  

Scratchy Brooch

2010 Sterling silver, glass (pate de verre), stainless steel  

Wallum Casemoth Earrings

2010 Recycled sterling silver

Wallum Casemoths Necklace

2010 Recycled sterling silver (etched), nylon

Wallum Windows Brooches

(Bottom left and top right collaboration with Shannon Garson) 2010 Sterling silver, copper and brass (etched), stainless steel.  

A Fork in the Path

2010 Recycled sterling silver (etched), beach pebbles, waxed nylon. This work refers to an indigenous type of mapping, a “navigation by the flowers” whereby the plants of the fragile, prickly and elusive Wallum and their seasonal changes may help to reveal a seldom used pathway described in stories handed down over 1000s…

Leptospermum Necklace

Collaboration with Shannon Garson who hand etched the Leptospermum flowers. 2010 Recycled sterling silver, nylon.