FireStix Cufflinks

2013 Tallowood sticks, recycled sterling silver (cuttlefish cast)

Longshore Drifter Pendant

2007 Recycled sterling silver, beach pebbles (Orepuki) Longshore Drift is the prevailing current that moves sand and other flotsam and jetsam slowly northwards up the coast of the eastern seaboard of the Australian continent. Those who travel on the currents with their makeshift sails, rudders and paddles are known as the Longshore…

Longshore Drifter Earrings

2007 Recycled sterling silver (cuttlefish cast), handpicked New Zealand beach pebbles  

Leptospermum Earrings

2010 Recycled sterling silver (cuttlefish cast), 18k gold, beach pebbles    

Wallum Sticks and Stones Choker

2010 Recycled sterling silver, beach pebbles, nylon  

Banksia Earrings

2010 Recycled Sterling silver, beach pebbles    

Leptospermum Impressions Necklace

2010 Recycled sterling silver, beach pebbles, nylon

Sticks and Stones Necklace

2013 Sterling silver, beach pebbles, nylon