FireStix Jewellery at ARTISAN

A selection of Rebecca Ward’s jewellery will be on display at Artisan Gallery 14 Feb – 26 April 2014 as part of a group exhibition called Chain Reaction. 2014 Exhibition Program Andrew Ness, Horizon table (2013). American black walnut and glass. 47 x 120 x 50cm. Photo: Cathy Taylor. What’s On at…

Growing Firestix Brooches

  2013 Tallowood and bloodwood sticks, recycled sterling silver, stainless steel  

100% Nana Brooches

2005 Recycled Nana Mouskouri vinyl records (repressed on patterened vintage glass), milk bottle tops, brass, pen parts  

Glass Brooches

2011 Sterling silver, glass (pate de verre), stainless steel

Hakea Brooch

2010 Recycled sterling silver (etched), 22k gold, stainless steel  

Wallum Windows Brooches

(Bottom left and top right collaboration with Shannon Garson) 2010 Sterling silver, copper and brass (etched), stainless steel.  

Catchy Brooch

2011 Sterling silver (oxidised), glass (pate de verre), stainless steel pin. She-oak impressions in glass.

Juicy Brooch

2010 Glass (pate de verre), recycled sterling silver (oxidised), stainless steel.

Between the Branches Leaves and Flowers I – IV Wallum Brooches

Collaboration with Shannon Garson (Shannon hand-painted the etch resist) 2010 Recycled sterling silver, 22k gold, stainless steel

Full Coral Moon

2010-2012 (Brooches set of 4 out of total 13 editions) Sterling silver,22k gold, Stainless steel 22 x 44 x 10mm Full Coral Moon brooches were inspired by nothing less than gazing in wonder at the full moon as if lying on the sandy ground under the scratchy heath of Wallum plants such…