FireStix Jewellery is about living in the Australian landscape, especially in the volatile eucalypt forests of the eastern coast. The work comes from an awareness that a schlerophyll forest left alone will either happily facilitate a devastating wildfire or decay into a weedy mess unsuitable for much of our native and endangered flora and fauna.

Our beautiful open forests are both natural ecosystems and cultural artifacts, products of thousands of years of indigenous ‘Firestick farming’ as it is sometimes called. It is an interesting perspective that we are only starting to understand: it is not enough to simply leave nature be. In a further challenge to some environmentalist doctrines it could be argued that there may be no such thing as an Australian ‘wilderness’, a theory that is expanded in Bill Gammage’s controversial book, “The Biggest Estate on Earth”.

In working with the fuel-load itself and manipulating it in human ways for the purposes of adornment, I wish to talk about human impacts and our place in the environment. We can bend it to our will, become a burden to it, and even destroy it altogether, but beware on those hot dry days when the westerlies start blasting in from the desert!