Use, a Jewellers and Metalsmiths Group exhibition is touring in 2019-21.  I have a number of pieces in the show. TOUR DATES  

Banksia Wedding Rings, 14ct white gold. Created by rapid manufacturing.  Depicting the mature and juvenile leaves of Banksia integrefolia      

A new batch of sea jewels emerge from the studio as the days lengthen and the temperature rises.

Slingshot FireStix Necklace 2013 Bloodwood sticks, recycled sterling silver, waxed nylon        

  2013 Tallowood and bloodwood sticks, recycled sterling silver, stainless steel  

2007 Sterling silver, beach pebbles (Katiki, Orepuki, Okarito), waxed nylon  

2010 Recycled sterling silver (etched), beach pebbles, waxed nylon. This work refers to an indigenous type of mapping, a “navigation by the flowers” whereby the plants of the fragile, prickly and elusive Wallum and their seasonal changes may help to reveal a seldom used pathway described in stories handed down over 1000s…

2010-2012 (Brooches set of 4 out of total 13 editions) Sterling silver,22k gold, Stainless steel 22 x 44 x 10mm Full Coral Moon brooches were inspired by nothing less than gazing in wonder at the full moon as if lying on the sandy ground under the scratchy heath of Wallum plants such…

2013 Tallowood, bloodwood sticks, paint, stainless steel

2013 Tallowood sticks, paint, recycled sterling silver