A new batch of sea jewels emerge from the studio as the days lengthen and the temperature rises.

Proof of Concept Earrings, 2014. Bloodwood sticks, sterling silver. Much of the jury-rigged infrastructure of my off-grid life gets hastily engineered as a ‘proof of concept’ with which we are loathe to mess.  Here, using a bushcraft approach to the problem of jewellery I challenged myself to make wearables using as little…

2013 Sticks, recycled sterling silver

2013 Bloodwood sticks, recycled sterling silver

2005 Sterling silver, nylon Created for “Tag”, an Artisan exhibition. Ripples: Like the surface of a mirror pool, reality was formless.  Who threw the first stone? ?

Recycled glass fossicked from old windows and bottles, recycled sterling silver  

2008 Laminex, rubber, recycled sterling silver  

2006 Recycled louvre glass, sterling silver. “Speculative Jewellery”: jewels for the new world.  Inspired by the speculative novels of Margaret Atwood. As the icecaps re-form and oceans recede to early 21st century levels, a treasure of broken fragments is revealed. An enlightened new tribal society fuses nature and lost technology in a…

2007 Recycled sterling silver (cuttlefish cast), handpicked New Zealand beach pebbles  

2010 Recycled sterling silver (cuttlefish cast), 18k gold, beach pebbles