2011 Sterling silver (oxidised), glass (pate de verre), stainless steel pin. She-oak impressions in glass.

2010 Glass (pate de verre), recycled sterling silver (oxidised), stainless steel.

Collaboration with Shannon Garson (Shannon hand-painted the etch resist) 2010 Recycled sterling silver, 22k gold, stainless steel

2010-2012 (Brooches set of 4 out of total 13 editions) Sterling silver,22k gold, Stainless steel 22 x 44 x 10mm Full Coral Moon brooches were inspired by nothing less than gazing in wonder at the full moon as if lying on the sandy ground under the scratchy heath of Wallum plants such…

Tallowood and greygum sticks, paint, sterling silver

Tallowood, Bloodwood sticks, stainless steel, paint

2013 Tallowood, bloodwood sticks, paint, stainless steel

2013 Tallowood, bloodwood sticks, recycled sterling silver, paint, stainless steel

2010 Recycled Sterling silver (etched and oxidised), 22k gold, stainless steel. Storm Windows were produced during the peak of a rainy deluge as extensive weather systems swept our coastlines dumping record rainfalls.  We felt diminished, cowering  indoors, peering out the windows in awe.  I considered the violent and eroding effects of these…

2013 Tallowood sticks, recycled sterling silver, paint, stainless steel