Bushcraft Ring/Pendants

2013 Tallowood sticks, recycled sterling silver, waxed nyon

Slayer Earrings

2013 Tallowood, Bloodwood sticks, recycled sterling silver

FireStix Pins

Tallowood and greygum sticks, paint, sterling silver

FireStix Y Brooches

Tallowood, Bloodwood sticks, stainless steel, paint

Slingshot FireStix Earrings

2013 Tallowood, Bloodwood sticks and recycled sterling silver

FireStix Branching Brooch

2013 Tallowood, bloodwood sticks, paint, stainless steel

FireStix Slayer Ring

2013 Tallowood sticks, paint, recycled sterling silver

Mosaic Burn Series (Brooches)

2013 Tallowood, bloodwood sticks, recycled sterling silver, paint, stainless steel

Sticks and Stones Necklace

2013 Sterling silver, beach pebbles, nylon